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Stir Fry Woks

stirfry-veg.jpgDesigned for home stoves, the shape of our Stir Fry Wok is perfect for hot cooking and fast oriental stir fry dishes. The flat center bottom transfers heat very efficiently and the sloping sides aides in fast turning of ingredients. 

Works well on ceramic glass stove tops as well as gas stoves.

Features our Gem-X2 release coating that lets you cook vegetables and meats at high temperatures with minimal oil, use metal utensils and our cool grip handle keeps the heat in the pan.

  • Made in the USA
  • Eco friendly manufacturer
  • PTFE free, PFOA free, toxin free
  • Metal Utensil Safe
  • High Durability, Pro Chef Quality
  • Easy to clean
  • Cool Grip Handle
  • Safe to 700°

Add the Steamer Insert for additional options in cooking vegetables, meats and seafood.

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